The Six Elements

Life is a special gift. We all have a trail to blaze and the ability to achieve great things.

With hope, heart, and human spirit, we all have the power to realize our dreams.

We all want to have a good life. We human beings have been given the amazing ability to dream. We can see possibilities that lie beyond the life we have now, and we can imagine ourselves living in that new reality. Even more amazing, we have also been given the ability to pursue and achieve those dreams, using our powers of determination and discipline.

Without hope, there would be no achievements in the world, for nothing would ever be attempted. Every endeavor takes its life from a glimmer of hope. Hope enables us to believe that anything is possible. Hope is a state of mind that gives us the ability and encourages us to work for something. Find your source of hope and begin the journey to achieve your full potential.

The heart is a muscle: The more we use it, the stronger it grows. Let your heart be your guide. Although the answers we seek, to help us face the challenges and overcome the obstacles we encounter along our journey, may not be obvious, the solution is always within. In times of uncertainty and doubt, don’t give up on your goal. The heart has reasons that reason cannot comprehend—let your heart be your guide.

The spirit that resides deep within each one of us is a stranger to both fear and failure. Spirit provides us with the ability to get back up and keep fighting no matter how many times we have been knocked down or counted out. Human spirit knows but one thing—how to try. If you’ve ever watched a young child attempt to tie a shoelace or zip a coat, you will know this to be true. The human spirit drives us to keep trying, again and again, until we achieve our goal. Thankfully, we don’t lose this ability when we grow up. Tap into the power of the spirit within you.

Dreams are the imaginings of what we can make happen in our lives. By dreaming we generate hope for the future, and with hope comes possibility. Dreams can be big and seem unrealistic at first glance, but they fill us with desire and inspiration and that is their purpose. When we are too afraid to hope and dream, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to make a better life. Allow yourself to dream.

Although dreams are free, the achievement of our dreams often requires a great investment of effort on our part. And when we dream big, undoubtedly, obstacles come into our path. To keep going, we will need both dedication and determination. Determination is the grit that gets us to our goal. With determination at our back, we can push beyond the resistance in our mind that tells us “give up, let it go” and find a way to carry on toward fulfilling our dreams. Determination gives us the ability to get back up when we have fallen, to keep swinging away despite how the odds may be stacked against us. Determination gives us the strength to bring our dreams into being.

Discipline is the ability we all possess to stay focused on our dreams and to remain determined in the pursuit of our goals—even in the face of temptation. In the world we live in, it’s all too easy to find shortcuts, to focus on indulging our immediate desires, to lay aside our principles and forget about our purpose. Discipline is the force that keeps us on the right path, the knife that slashes through our fears, and the voice that whispers to hold strong when we begin to bend under the weight of our goals.