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Over twenty years ago, LESRA MARTIN was trapped in the harrowing, violent streets of Bushwick. Illiterate and poor, he lived a life of little hope or promise.

A simple subway ride changed his life -- and others -- forever. Through a series of incredible circumstances, he became the unlikely catalyst in the freeing of one of the U.S.'s most famous wrongly convicted prisoners.

Along the way, he fought to change his own life, undergoing his own miraculous transformation into a university honour student, law school graduate, attorney, and inspirational speaker.

The Power of a Promise

According to Lesra everyone has the potential for a great life.

"Each of us has something special to offer the world," says Lesra. "We need only to discover what that something special is. My new book, The Power of a Promise, centres on six important elements: hope, heart, human spirit, dreams, determination and discipline. It is my sincere hope that those who read this book will discover in themselves their own promises that will enable them to live the life they were meant to have."

What others are saying...

"In THE POWER OF A PROMISE, Lesra shares the secrets of his success, demonstrating that a key factor in overcoming obstacles is a strong belief that we can move beyond limiting circumstances."
ROBIN SHARMA, Leadership guru, Author of the #1 International Bestsellers The Greatness Guide and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

"We've all heard, "a promise is a promise." But how often do we promise ourselves and then it gets lost or forgotten. Lesra not only teaches the 12 promises that will help you realize your dreams - he'll make you want to keep those promises and most importantly, he'll show you how. Buy this book! Read this book! Promise?"
W. MITCHELL, CPAE, Author of It's Not What Happens To You: It's What You Do About It